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When a sale of Happy Doge occurs, a fraction of that amount is used to automatically purchase tokens from the liquidity pool. The purchased tokens are immediately burned and removed from the supply forever, which means that Happy Doge is a deflationary crypto-currency.

Happy Doge is a community-driven token, developed for the people. With rug-proof tokenomics, investors can feel safe knowing Happy Doge offers 100% locked liquidity for 1 year.

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About Us

Happy Doge (HADO) is a hyper-deflationary token developed to reward investors for holding tokens. Simply hold HADO tokens in your own wallet and watch more tokens accrue automatically. In addition to static rewards, Happy Doge incorporates a Buy Back feature to further deflate the circulating supply, thus increasing the value of each HADO token.

Several Cryptocurrencies have launched with popular
dog themes that proclaim massive community benefits.
A closer look at the tokenomics proves otherwise. They count on users not understanding and buying on impulse.

That’s why Happy Doge chose to offer safe tokenomics to protect beginners and veterans alike. Happy Doge simply uses RFI Static Rewards and a Buy Back mechanism to reward hodlers and increase value. At the same time, Happy Doge allows hodlers to maintain control of their funds in their own wallet, not on a centralized exchange, “not your keys, not your Happy Doge.”

Happy Doge collects a 6% buyback tax on each transaction that occurs on the network, and the collected amount is stored in a smart contract.


Token Symbol: HADO
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000

Pie chart showing token allocation in percentages.

Token Allocation

Initial Burn: 45.5%
Liquidity: 45% LP Locked for 1 year
Developer Team: 0.16% Happily Locked
Dev Tokens Burned after launch: 4.84%
Marketing & Promotions: 5.5%

We need to find happy people to make happy people!

Transaction Fee

With HADO, each transaction has an 11% Transaction Fee. Every buy, sell, or wallet transfer incurs a fee and is distributed accordingly:

Marketing  Tax: 3%
Buy Back Tax: 6% (Buy and Burn)
Holder Rewards: 2%
(Users should set the buy slippage to 13%)

Donut chat with the breakdown of the transaction fees in percentages.


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Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a trending term these days for good reason. DeFi offers the ability to bank, without a centralized entity. Not all DeFi is happy DeFi. Many have heard of rug-pulls, scams and supposedly DeFi opportunities in which users must hand over funds to the control of others.

Staking occurs when a user deposits their funds on a platform or interface, then earns rewards or yields based on the number of funds deposited. The investor often relinquishes control of their funds for a designated time period. So, what happened to the "Not your keys, not your crypto" motto? While staking provides nice rewards, these rewards are not always happy.

Investors need to place their trust in the platform and hope that it doesn't go defunct or simply disappear one day. Crypto-currencies offer lucrative opportunities but also volatility and the risk of manipulation. Investors not actively day-trading do not need to be checking their wallets on an hourly basis to ensure their funds are safe and earning.The cryptoverse is rife with scams, rug pulls, and tokens that moon than have very unhappy endings as they crash down to earth.

To further crypto-currency adoption the developers at Happy Doge, wanted to provide something different, something happy.

Happy Swap

HADO, Fetch Some Tokens!  Swap your tokens on HappySwap

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Happy Staking 

Staked HADO breeds more Happy Doge!  Earn returns by staking Happy Doge (HADO)

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Happy Farming

HADO, look after the farm!  Stake HADO Liquidity Pool Tokens and claim returns  

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Happy NFT

Mint Your Own NFT in 10 seconds

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A portion of the transaction fee is meant to incentivize and reward Happy Doge holders. HADO holders earn passive rewards through static reflection. In each transaction, 2% is redistributed to all Happy Doge holders.

Static reflection rewards happy holders and encourages them to buy and hold, while also discouraging selling. This is intended to keep downward sale pressure from affecting the Happy Doge launch.

The transaction fee and resulting static rewards will stabilize the volatility in the beginning stages. Static rewards will also encourage the holders as it adds more tokens to their wallet, based on the percentage of tokens they hold.

There is no need to deposit funds elsewhere. Simply hold and earn more. The burn address is also a holder thus each transaction helps deflate the supply as the locked burn address receives transaction fees that can never be touched again.


Some see the term locked liquidity and assume that means holders can’t access their tokens. This is incorrect. Locked liquidity means developers provided secure liquidity so users can buy and sell.

Rugpulling occurs when scammers make a token, then add liquidity without locking it. These scammers wait on users to buy, then they pull out liquidity tokens. Users cannot sell if there is no liquidity.

Highly secured, all initial liquidity provided will be locked. This benefits those that choose to hold Happy Doge (HADO) long term. Locked liquidity will ensure rapid organic growth in the early stages of Happy Doge. Tokens are successfully locked!

"LP locked 943.9398 HADO/WBNB LP until 29/07/2022, 23:47:40.
Transaction id: 0x0b0ae15a8cad5922fa39
Deposit ID: 13576"


Happy Doge collects a 6% buy-back tax on each transaction, which is then stored inside the contract. Whenever a sell occurs, a fraction of the buyback amount is used to automatically purchase tokens from the liquidity pool. Those tokens are immediately burned after purchase. The Buy-Back and burn feature will be utilized to keep the price of the token in check by buying back tokens and burning them. Deflation increases the rarity and subsequently the value of the token.


Happy Doge does not want blind trust and has taken the extra step to begin the process of securing a TechRate Audit. TechRate is an analytical and engineering agency focused on blockchain technology solutions and audits. Their security audit platform evaluates smart contracts for vulnerabilities and certifies their behavior with respect to a custom function specification. Happy Doge will complete a TechRate Audit to show the community that we take security seriously.

How to get Happy Doge

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Step One

Trust Wallet

Simply visit TRUSTWALLET.COM & download the app.
Trust Wallet is secure and widely used in the DeFi market. Remember to never share your seed phrase!

Step Two

Fund your wallet

Purchase BNB or BSC (Binance Smart Chain) to fund your wallet. These coins are used in the Binance Smart Chain.

Step Three

Enable Trust Browser

(iPhone only)
Visit PANCAKESWAP on your mobile browser.
Click Connect on the top right corner of the page. Select WalletConnect and then Trust Wallet. This will open up the app. Confirm on Trust Wallet and head back to your mobile browser.





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